ES-Connector provides smart migration, in S5 project

Eifer Elecktro

The ES connector provides positive benefits,
when replacing the old S5 system with the latest system.

If you need to migrate the system in a short period of time,
you can complete many tasks beforehand
and start work involving system outages.

ES-Connector does not need to touch old wiring,
so you can delete unexpected troubles as much as possible.
Engineers can check the program early in project.

If you find a decisive mistake,
you can restore it to its original state in a short time.
(it's Not good, but risk management)

Customers can resume production with only short facilities downtime.
Constructor and customer will be able to share benefits.

Where to buy?

We only sell ES-Connector from e-bay.
pay-pal is a secure payment method.
Business is managed fairly by e-bay.
We get safety business with each other.
Best regards from Japan